Can I truly master my material life?

How to master this increasingly digital world?

Finding a place of inner freedom and staying in it can take a lot of work.
Join us in a surprising journey towards the pinnacle of self-mastery and personal freedom.
Life all too easily drags us down with endless material demands and complexities.
Busy people
Do you have the time to simplify your life?
With so many important things to do, it's hard to get to the small stuff.
But here, we will get to the small stuff for you, so you can do what's actually important in life.
Face in the dark
Master your computer and work space, turning chaos into an efficient environment brimming with potential.
Track and directly manage your finances and investments.
Build a website that will make your dreams a reality.
Get some super powers.
Matter should serve spirit, not spirit matter. Let's make it happen.
We remove all sources of annoyance and anxiety, so you can focus on that quiet voice within that so often gets crowded out.
Unwanted e-mails!
Bills to pay!
Last-minute packing!
Piles to go through!
Incorrect password!
You got hacked!
Messy computer!
Unwanted e-mails
Bills to pay
Messy computer
Login info
Many of us have accounts in hundreds of websites.
Is your digital legacy actually safe?
If something happens to you, can someone be given the means to access those accounts?
Let's implement some truly vital systems for this digital age we live in.

What we
work towards


Mastering the world of matter

We are not physical beings that have spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. But that's so easy to forget, in this world dominated by the great cosmic illusion. With all those endless e-mails, financial responsibilities and logistical demands on our plates, how can we disentangle ourselves enough from the material world to travel into higher realms of consciousness without always getting bogged down again? We have some very practical, if unconventional, tools here to help you get there. Join us in a journey you would never see coming – and may not want to come back from again.

Unsolicited call

It's the small things in life

From ensuring you have a healthy back, to having pre-packed bags and looking at your digital security and legacy, we offer all the guidance you'll need to live a more peaceful life. From simple things like making sure you don't get unsolicited calls, to more involved endeavors like implementing new organizational systems for your computer or office, we will remove the noise and clutter from your life, freeing up space for those sacred insights and mystical experiences to come through ever more often. It's that ancient secret alchemy, adapted for today's world.


Evaluating skills, ideas and experiences

What is freedom to you? People experience it differently, but it often comes from facing, dealing with and solving those challenging situations in life, rather than avoiding them. There is much power too in developing some level of mastery over inescapable parts of life, like properly tracking and managing your finances, learning to invest or working with your personal or business' website. This platform seeks to understand your goals and priorities and offers all the courses, coaching, and services required to help you master your life.

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Getting serious about harmonizing our material lives, so the spirit can take off.